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Since the beginning, our preferred sales method has been to utilize brokers/benefit consultants within the market.  However, we have learned over the years that a greater percentage of these brokers/benefit consultants are unwilling to present self-funded solutions to their clients.  The reasons for the exclusion are many, but include the broker/benefit consultant's lack of knowledge in self-funding, "perceived" risk of self-funding purported through misinformation within the market, or simply the broker/benefit consultant's unwillingness to forgo the financial incentives the fully insured industry provides them.


While we will continue to work with our approved brokers/benefit consultants and make every effort to utilize and educate other brokers/benefit consultants where possible, we know there are a large percentage of employers that are missing out on these unique solutions.  As such, we developed VoDES DIRECT to provide consulting services directly to employers.  Now employers can obtain the same self-funded quotes, education, knowledge and expertise provided to brokers/benefit consultants --- directly from VoDES.  VoDES is a full service ageny, licensed within the states we operate and can provide all other ancillary benefits if necessary.


Our goal at VoDES is to ensure all employers are informed and educated on ALL available options.  We understand self-funding can be more complex, which is why we encourage employers to utilize the services of experts in the self-funding industry.


Please contact us directly to learn how either we can partner with you (and your broker/benefit consultant) to provide self-funding solutions that are right for your company.  To obtain a quote directly from us, please review our process and submit the necessary quote request information.  While your quote request is being processed, we encourage you to visit VoDES University to learn more about our self-funding educational opportunities.  Once we have completed your quote request we will contact you directly to review your self-funding solutions.

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