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"Our mission at VoDES is to provide a different approach to employee benefits through the utilization of innovative risk management solutions. We will bring objectivity into the business equation for optimized benefits planning both for the short term, and most importantly, the long term."

Brent W. Demoray, President

VoDES Health Plans



We recognize that employer's have different risk tolerance levels and a "one size fits all" self-funded health plan does not exist.  As such, VoDES has designed multiple self-funding health plans to meet these needs.  Now you can choose a self-funded plan that meets your specific risk tolerance level designed by the experts in self-funding.



"​Self-funding is only for companies with at least 200-300 employees."

The self-funding industry has undergone significant evolutions over the last several years.  Stop-loss carriers have become more adept at mitigating risk for smaller employers with innovative product options including aggregate only, no laser and guaranteed renewal options.  In addition, many TPA's have adapted their services to meet the needs of the small employer.

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