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VoDES Health Plans


We recognize that employer's have different risk tolerance levels and a "one size fits all" self-funded health plan does not exist.  As such, VoDES has designed multiple self-funding health plans to meet this need.  Now you can choose a self-funded plan that meets your specific risk tolerance level designed by the experts in self-funding.


VoDES Health Plans, underwritten by national AM Best rated financial services companies, are flexible, cost saving alternatives for fully insured (and self-funded) employers with 5+ participating employees.

These plans allow employers the management advantages of self-funding while simultaneously providing a level monthly funding requirement - no cash calls.  With this financing solution, smaller employers can feel comfortable leaving fully insured medical plans knowing their claim exposure can be capped.  Futhermore, options like guaranteed renewals, "no-laser" contracts and guaranteed run-out protection eliminate surprises at renewal time.

The VoDES Health Plans bridge the risk perception of partial self-funding without making any additional administrative work for your time strapped HR/Finance Departments.  Employers can now self-fund their benefit plan with all the confidence and comfort they have traditionally experienced by being fully insured.


FINALLY, smaller employers can get a receipt for their premium dollars spent.

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