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President's Message

Welcome to the VoDES LLC website.


At VoDES LLC, we believe in a holistic approach to employee benefits - specifically medical benefits.  We encourage employers to ask themselves how they are currently controlling the cost associated with thier employee benefits.  Are they proactive and in control of their employee benefits' risk throughout the year?  Or do they wait until the end of the plan year, fingers crossed, relying on the "shopping" philosophy?


During the first 17 years of my career I wrestled with these same questions.  As a Certified Public Accountant, I held various Financial Executive positions in companies with as few as 25 employees to as many as 850 employees.  I possessed risk management tools to effectively manage interest rate risk within the mortgage industry, yet never knew my current exposure with respect to our medical benefits expense or how to manage it.  I never understood why the small employers could not take advantage of the self-funded benefits long enjoyed by larger companies.  What could I do if I had under 100 employees besides ride on the fully insured rollar coaster?


So in 2009 I partnered with my father, William Demoray, a veteran of over 40 years in the self-funded industry, to develop self-funded solutions specifically designed for the smaller employer.  We did not want to "mass" market these solutions all over the street and become a part of the spreadsheet phenomenon - we wanted to actually educate employers on the benefits of self-funding.  So we also developed an educational platform, VoDES University, to provide self-funding education to employers on how self-funding works, the pros and cons to the solutions, and the expertise required to sell the solutions.


Over the years we have continued to develop and refine our self-funded solutions with an understanding that employers have varying risk tolerance levels.  We have never waivered from our committment to develop and market solutions backed by only the highest rated carriers and administered by ethically superior partners - it is the only way we do business!


Given the new legistlation and coming changes within the health benefits industry, I encourage you to educate yourself on the benefits of self-funding and learn more about our self-funded solutions.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Best Regards,





Brent W. Demoray, CPA


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