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The decision to self-fund should not mean plan costs become volatile or unpredictable.  VoDES Health Plans are designed to eliminate monthly fluctuations and manage unpredictable volatility and catastrophic claim liability.  Features like specific advance and monthly aggregate accommodation allow employers to know, based on actual enrollment, exactly how much the maximum cost of the benefit plan will be on a monthly and annual basis.  This maximum is the only amount required on a monthly basis - NO CASH CALLS.



Like traditional self-funding and unlike most fully insured products, the plan retains any surplus.  Thus, should the actual claims come in lower than the year-end aggregate deductible, a reimbursement is available.



Guaranteed firm renewals based on experience that is complete through the tenth month of the current policy period.  Once issued and accepted, terms will be firm up to 60 days prior to the effective date and not impacted by any subsequent claims activity.


Will guarantee not to raise the specific deductible relative to an individual at renewal who may be experiencing on-going claims.  Further, the terms for renewal will not represent a premium increase that includes the entire expected cost of  a known future excess claim.  Our client can expect to receive a renewal offer that is fair, and that is consistent with the in-force specific retention level.


VoDES LLC was born from over 40 plus years of self-funding experience.  We understand many employers are reluctant to self-fund because of a lack of information or education on self-funding.  They may even be afraid to consider self-funding based on the tremendous amount of misinformation within the marketplace. 


We also understand employers have different risk tolerance levels and "one-size-fits-all" solutions do not exist!  The VoDES Health Plans are the culmination of this self-funding experience and expertise. 

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